Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby's got a brand new look

Frances, circa 2008

Frances, circa July 2009

Just in time for middle school!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photos by Frances

The other afternoon I was looking out the front window at the kids playing in the yard.
Were my eyes deceiving me? Was Elly riding a 2 wheeler???
YES she was!
I ran out yelling congratulations to her. I was so excited and she was too!
The Lawyer said that Lewie and Ana were just about ready to ride alone as well. I was surprised. They never wanted to ride when I suggested it - they always opted for their scooters. I told them I would come out after dinner and help them learn to ride.
They beat me to it! All three of them started riding their bikes on the same afternoon!
Now there is no stopping them! They ride for HOURS every day, coming in the house red-faced and sweating! There are lots of scrapes and bruises but nothing is stopping the now!

The proud new riders!

I love the suspicious look that Elly is giving Frances!

Check out the level of concentration on Ana's face!

Frances had to get a new bike. She chose this little beauty!

In a Sunday newpaper ad?????

Look at what you can buy! A gay angel!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday at the Lake

First of all, when you tell your children that you will be going to the lake, what do you think their clothing choice will be? Shorts, t-shirt, bathing suit & cover??? PLEASE! If you're Frances, you carefully choose a dress, light sweater in case of a chill, and a fashionable scarf .............

On Wednesday, we met my Dad for lunch near our cottage and then went to the cottage to hang out. My brothers John and Tom have been working on a deck, only *slightly* hampered by the incredible amount of rain we've had so far this summer.

My father, being the die-hard surveyor that he is, brought his old surveying equipment so we could do some measurements for something-or-other regarding the steps off the deck .......... I was his rodMAN.........yeah, baby.
The old man and

The ROD!

While I was trying to hold the dang thing steady, the kids were crawling off the wall and into the scummy water. It is so icky near the shore for some reason.

They actually started collecting the weedy crap and making it into slimepies - mmm mmmmm good.

Cousin Big Al came with us and decided to fish for his slime.

Elizabeth wanted nothing to do with the slime. She loves to look for little shells and always comes home with a pocket full of treasures.

On the way homw, we stopped at Mr Twistee....... not to be confused with Mr Twister where the Nephews work.
Lewie chows down his Moosetracks.......

Frances vogues in the swing ............

Analise looks cute ............

And Elly chows so she can race to the helm of the playground ship!

Just another Summer day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today I took Ana, Elly, & Lewie to a nature center to take a walk in the woods. As the kids were getting out of the car, Lewie spilled his milk all over the seat. Looking at the HUGE puddle, I knew that the few tissue I had would not sop it up. What to use, what to use?

PAD TO THE RESCUE! I guess it was extra absorbent because it sure did get the job done!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July tzuhsi style

Who wants to go stand outside in the chiily July temperatures, just to watch some fireworks??? Not Frances and me!
The Lawyer took the other kids to Allegheny State Park for a camping spree.
Frances talked me into taking her and a friend to the MALL. That was fun...... ok, no it wasn't.

Then to celebrate the holiday, Frances and I went out for some Thai food. It's about the only time that Frances chows down and eats a significant amount of protein (tofu).

Then she twisted my arm into stopping for ice cream on the way home.

While the skies were booming, we were in my bed, watching people decide which Key West home they would choose for their vacation home. Their budget was $2 M - poor things.

In a couple of hours the troops will be back. It's been strangely quiet and Frances' reminiscing about the good old days, when she was an only child are about to be interrupted!

Friday, July 3, 2009

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