Friday, September 28, 2007

Teddy Bear Parade

Last weekend, we went to the zoo with Big Al for a teddy bear parade sponsored by CURE (childhood cancer organization). We had a great time and I "joined" the bone marrow registry - all it took was a few swabs of my cheeks (NOT the butt ones). Nothing like a mass of bald children to inspire a person (and Big Al of course). I love the tshirt Big Al's mom Jenifer made for him - "leukemia bit and I bit back."

I found Ana in this position on the couch one day this week - the girl is so flexible! I often tell her I'm going to sign her up for the circus. She can also lie on her stomach and touch her feet to her head.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The other kindergartener

Lewis is taking to Kindergarten much more calmly than his sister! Here's this afternoon's conversation, when I got home.
Hey Lewie
Hi Mama
What's new in kindergarten?
Well, what did you do today?
Play with toys
Who did you play with?
Some kids
What are their names?
I don't know
Maybe you could try to listen to kids names and remember them
Ok Mama, am I done with this talking?
Sure honeyboy

Kindergarten antics

Well, Aunt Suzie said, "Smoon, moon, get on with some kindergarten stories." I won't bore you with our lovely moon viewing, complete with cookies, tea and blowing kisses to birth mothers and relatives, including AUNT SUZIE. Let's get on to the nitty gritty.
Yesterday our beloved Mr Marty (bus driver the kids have had for the past FIVE years) wagged his finger at me to come on the bus. Come to find that our Elizabeth has been a wild, out of control MANIAC on the bus, giving no regard to Mr Marty's directions to sit down and be quiet. "I wanted to talk to you before I write up a disciplinary report." Elizabeth seems to think that when she is away from my watchful eyes, party time can begin and I will never find out! I have also gotten phone calls from her teachers and walked in on her screaming at our after school babysitter. She's 5 my friends, what the heck am I'm in for when she's 15??? I better start watching "Intervention" on A&E (?) and take notes.

Aunt Suzie is an RV lover. I found this tricked out bus that I think she needs.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

For the Mid Autumn moon Festival 9/25/07

I found this poem just after we received our referral for Analise in Sept 2001. I just love it.

Zhang Jiuling

The moon, grown full now over the sea,

Brightening the whole of heaven,

Brings to separated hearts

The long thoughtfulness of night....

It is no darker though I blow out my candle.

It is no warmer though I put on my coat.

So I leave my message with the moon

And turn to my bed, hoping for dreams.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tattoo ideas

I think when I turn 50 I am going to get a tattoo. Even though this is YEARS *gack* away, I need to start thinking.

Senior Citizen

pronunciation: lau jen

Secret Agent
a person secretly employed in espionage for a government

pronunciation: ter wu

Prisoner of Conscience

pronunciation: jeng jyr fan
Whaddya think?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who's up for adventure?

I am reading this book with the third graders at my school. It's about a boy who gets smooshed by a falling bulletin board which leaves him flattened - get it? Flat Stanley. A perk to his new condition is that he can go visit people via the mail. His parents put him in an envelope and drop him in a mailbox. The third graders are going to be making paper Flat Stanleys and we would like to send them on some adventures. BUT, a lot of the kids I work with have never been outside of our city and don't have anyone to whom to send their Stanleys. That's where you come in!! If you would like to host a Stanley, send me your address. All you have to do is send the kids a postcard from your city OR take a picture of Stanley with you/your kids and send it to me via email or snailmail. That's it! I am pretty sure you could receive a girl scout badge for your participation. The kids here would be absolutely thrilled. Thanks!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday funday

The planets must gave been aligned in a peaceful pattern today because we had such a fun and calm day. After a trip to Target and lunch, we walked down to the library and playground at the end of our street (aren't we lucky?). We managed to pick books without too many sneers from fellow patrons (Lewis and Elly have one volume - LOUD). It was a sunny cool day so they ran their yayas out for quite a while on the playground.
Lewis showing off his clever balancing act.

Elly screamed when she saw Frances hanging over the slide!

Never miss an opportunity for a vogue.

When we got home we made a special dessert - pretzels dipped in milk chocolate and covered with sprinkles (nuts for Ana). Big hit. They were all passed out by 8:40 - resting up for a new week!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Aunt Suzie revealed

Some laugh at me for being a packrat but look at just one of the goodies I have in my possession. This is the letter that my sister wrote to my mother the day after I was born. Suzie was almost 9. I dig the names she chose for me - thank goodness my mother did not!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Friday

Wahooie! I made it through the first full week of the school year without anyone getting sick and without having to take a day off for mental hygiene. One down, 39 to go. I look forward to an evening of pizza, coctails and peaceful children.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sleeping like a fetus

One good thing about the end of summer is that with the weather getting cooler, my kids are sleeping better. When it was so hot and cheapskate me wouldn't pony up for a new central air unit, the kids were up CONSTANTLY. Now they are tired from school and the cool weather is making them snuggle in.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big bad growing pain

Remember that cute teen heartthrob on the 80s tv show "Growing Pains?" Look what happened to him! Do you think he might be possessed? Perhaps he needs an intervention (I'm not talking about the divine variety).

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Last reads of the summer

Oh, gone are the days of lounging in the morning, drinking my coffee and reading. Since I started back to school on Monday, I've read 35 pages of my new book! That's it! Well I am also reading a kids' book, Stargirl, if that counts.
This one I really liked; it touched an emotional nerve. A teenaged girl relinquishes her baby and meets him when he's in his 20s. She considers herself the "real" mom and they fall into a pretty traditional mother/son relationship. Made me REALLY wonder about my kids' birthmothers. Without a map

I reluctantly bought this one. So many people raved about it. Not me. It chronicles the lives of a snooty family and the only (adult) child's pals. The one gay character was a stereotypical flamer. Most of the others were self-involved bores. The vocabulary in this book was unreal. I'm going to make a list of the words I didn't know and quiz Aunt Suzie someday - she is WAY smart! The emperor's children

I read this one in a day. They were fictitious stories of Tibet and they were great, simple and great. Stick out your tongue

This should be on the recommended reading list for all parents who adopt an "older" child! It helps me understand and deal with Elizabeth's issues. I was amazed when Elizabeth fit the reactive attachment disorder profile to a "T." Parenting the hurt child

Shallow, fun! When I picked it up at Target, Frances said, "what's it called, Quickle?" Yes honey and don't mind that naked woman on top of that dude, either.
The quickie

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Krazy Kindergarten Kids

Well it was the "twins" turn today! Everyone at their school thinks they are twins because they are both on the kindergarten roster and were born 1 day apart. "How lovely that your twins have their own birthdays! Were they both born close to midnight?" "Ummmm, no, they are twins with different birth mothers." Huh?
Anywho, they were so hyped up for the big day. They sat attentively, listened thoughtfully and kept their paws to themselves. What more can a Mama ask for?
Analise decided that she should be the "bus boss" on the way home - she tells them where to sit and keeps them in line.
AND today our new babysitter started. She's a mom who brings her 2 little kids over and watches my chickies for 1 1/2 hours. Today was the first day that I didn't have to pick someone up on the way home from work! It felt weird and liberating.
Ana is whining from her bed that she is lonely - gotta go give her a smooch!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Happy New Year!

The first wave of children started school this morning. Everyone was up bright and early and ready WAY before the bus came. Let's see how long that lasts.

After the kids got on the bus, I told our neighbor that she was in the photo. She screamed "Don't let anyone see my big ass!" So I thought I would post it here for maximum viewing potential.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yummy baby

I found this picture today and it's one of my all time favorites. Analise was just 2 years old and it was her first summer home. We were at our family cottage and she was loving it! Those hands and dimples!