Monday, August 9, 2010

Move over Ozzie

We got back from Toronto yesterday and I don't have any photos or stories of our adventures to share yet............ BUT there is a Lewie story to beat all Lewie stories..........

We are sitting in the breakfast area of our hotel and the news is on the tv.

Lewie: MOM, come here, I have to tell you the truth.
Mom: What?
Lewie: Sharon is so cute.
Mom: Sharon who?
Lewie: (pointing to the tv) HER! Sharon Osbourne.

Mom: You like Sharon Osbourne???????
Lewie: Yup, I really like redheads I guess!
Cousin Alex: If you love her, why don't you marry her?
Lewie: I can't get married until I'm 13 and she might be a grandma by then.
Mom: You know, she's older than me and has kids who are like 20 years old and her husband is pretty crazy.
Lewie: I don't care!
Mom: What would her kids call you? Baby Daddy? Lil' Pops?
Lewie: I don't care!

So there you have it people. My one and only daughter-in-law might be Sharon and I won't be babysitting my grandchildren or taking them for pony rides.