Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Phoenix Rises

Well, maybe I'm not a phoenix but I have risen from the depths of sicky-ness. Last Monday I went to the doctor and found out that I had pneumonia, bronchitis and a sinus infection! No wonder I felt so icky! After a few days of antibiotics, a few days off from work and a whole lot of sleep, I am among the living. I know all my fans have been longing for a new post and some cute pictures, so let's get on with it!!

Frances and Lisa made the bunny cake for Easter. Frances was so proud of how well it turned out. It tasted great too!

Lewie getting ready for his first baseball practice and getting some fashion advice from his sisters on how to wear his hat. Elizabeth, as usual, ran when she saw me with the camera!

Our April break was FREEZING! One day was decent and we went to the zoo.

We are rearranging bedroom. Ana and Frances want to be together again. They picked out a bright lime green for their bedroom walls. This photo does not do justice to the putrid color that it turned out to be. It looked JUST like a highlighter - blinding and UGLY. The new color is gorgeous and not as dark as it looks in the photo.

Our new van! We bought it on ebay and went to Cleveland to pick it up! "We" included the dogs - it was quite an adventure. Thank goodness we had Aunt Suzie to host ALL of us overnight.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Thirty-some years ago, my mother started making Ukrainian Easter eggs. They take hours to make and involve a stylus, beeswax & burning candles! We did them every year and some of us (ahemmm) were better than others.......let's just say that mine still resemble a preschooler's strange creation. Yesterday, the torch was passed on to Frances. We went to Aunt Anne's house and had a great time! I uploaded the photos backwards so pay attention!

Frances and my eggs - I'm NOT telling whose is whose.

Frances burning wax off of her completed egg.

Frances hard at work on her egg - look at that concentration. Where are the other children, you may ask? They dunked a couple of eggs and went off to watch "Finding Nemo!"

Sean making a tres funky egg. Sean is on his way to Key West as I type with the BOY SCOUTS!! When I was in girl scouts, we went camping in the rain at some skanky park. No justice.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Syncronized Swim Team

I think I have a team ready for the 2016 Olympic Games! We had a great time at Pop's birthday party weekend!