Thursday, April 23, 2009

No More Blogfeed

I removed the blogfeed. It made too many people feel like Big Brother was watching! I just wanted to see where all you weirdos were coming from...... sorry for the dangling preposition.

Over the Border

Yup, they let us into Canada, without much fanfare. Seems that Crazylady has a restraining order against me, but I assured the officers that we were staying in Niagara Falls. They believed me..........suckers.
Destination: The Great* Wolf* Lodge
I only took a few pictures because it's a water park and who wants to cart around a camera?
For most of our time there, Frances HATED the "lazy river," because it was "tooooo splassssshy." [said in whiny tweeny voice] She stood on the sidelines, taking pictures. Then she tried it ........ and just like lays potato chips, couldn't do it just once. Could an ingredient be that a boy who was floating behind me said [in a squeaky tweeny voice] "Is that your daughter?" Me: "Yeah" [in a whatsittoyou voice] Boy: "She's cuuuuuute!" He only struggled for a moment as I held his little pinhead under the water.
The Cuteness herself.

Ana was tall enough to go on the BIG slides with Lew and me. I didn't think that she was going to like it but she is a convert!

The first thing Elizabeth said to me this morning was "Can we go to GWL today?" "Ummmmmm, NO."

I could not float on the lazy River by myself for more than 30 seconds without Ana or Lewie jumping on with me. At least they covered up my fat gut.

Speaking of fat guts, one can see all sorts of "stuff" at the GWL that is usually hidden by clothing. Perhaps my favorite sighting was the woman with a garter tattoo on her thigh. "Tucked" into the garter was a pistol. Charming.

Lewie was by far the most adventuresome of the group - he wanted to go on everything. We were almost to the front of the l*o*n*g line for a big slide when there was a ......... are you ready for this?............ fire drill! We had to climb down the stairs and stand around until it was over. Bizarre.

Crazylady is safe for now. I have to hand over the kids' certificates of citizenship so they can get passports. Come June 1, we can't get into Canada without one and you know how we LOVE us some Canada, eh?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tzuhsi......The Muse

The internet is a wild and wonderful place

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Imagine you're sleeping peacefully on a certain Sunday morning when, at 6:35, all four of your children jump out of bed screeching......... fire drill? Nooooooo, it's EASTER MORNING WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!
Even Frances, who I have to literally drag out of bed on school mornings was giddy and ready to hunt for her basket. Since it was 33 degrees outside, all merriment was indoors. By 6:46am, the baskets were found and the children were gathered around the table to admire the loot.
A little time to compare goodies.........

Lewie LOVES ugly dolls and was thrilled to find one in his basket. I got one for each of the kids.

Elly is closely examining her magnetic bookmark. OF COURSE, they each got a book.

Ana got a cover for her nintendo ds - it has Hannah Montana on it. She screamed in delight....... who wouldn't?

The Lawyer's peeps came over for dinner. We had a Mexican fiesta, complete with homemade tortillas! I rolled 72 tortillas this afternoon. The Lawyer plied me with a Margarita to keep me rolling. I also made key lime pie that was SO GOOD. I might have damaged an artery eating a slice though. It has a *teeny-tiny* bit of F*A*T in it.

Frances did a cousin Mary photo-shoot. This one was my fav. She also made a movie entitled "Playground Antics" but I can't figure out how to download it, YET.

In other news this week, Lewis has been channeling some hip-hop guru. He popped out of his room yesterday, stylin' with his hat and glasses and doing a little rap/dance number. Dare I repeat the lyrics that he made up? Yeah, sure, why not...... "YO YO MY NAME IS JOE, I STUBBED MY TOE ON A UFO" Yup, that's my boy.

And last, the Buddha was NOT amused by last week's snowfall. Let's hope it was the last.

Happy Easter Monday to my lucky Canadian friends. I'll be going to work tomorrow.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trolling through the Swamp

Yesterday was an incredibly nasty "Spring" day - it was raining and snowing and the wind was howling - LOVELY! We got a reprieve today and I hustled everyone in the Mamamobile for an "adventure"....... the children always cringe when I tell them we're going on an adventure. The Lawyer had to stay home to do some "work" - yeah, right.
We went to Tinker *Nature *Center - a cute little place in the woods, with a playground, pond and a boardwalk through a swamp.
First pitstop, playground. Notice that there are no shots of Elizabeth - she was a whirling dervish, not to be captured by camera.

The first climb of the season! Frances is a monkey with great upper body strength. She shimmied up to the top.

Just a little dose of cuteness.

Then it was into the deep dark swamp.......

We spent a lot of time looking for critters and were very excited to find 3 snakes.

Elly really wanted to pick it up but Lewis warned her that snakes will squeeze you to death if you touch them. He's just a little ray of sunshine.

Some other swamp creatures.......

Lewis was SO LOUD that I think he scared most of the animals away. We didn't even see one deer.

Frances' new fashion accessory - her ipod. We had a deal that I would pay her $1 for every hour she practiced violin until she had enough $$$ to buy an ipod. She did it in about 4 months.

Another sign of spring - the green machine is back in action!