Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thieves among us

We woke up to a beautiful day on Saturday, cold but sunny. Everyone was excited to go cut down our Christmas tree!
We bundled up and headed out to the boondocks.
This year we decided to go to a different farm and we were in for a treat!

Giant haystacks for climbing, with tunnels underneath!

A big ole slide! The kids couldn't get enough of it!

A wagon ride out to the fields! Even the Lawyer was smiling!

We trudged, we sized them up, we chopped down a beauty!

The kids argued about who got to haul the tree back to the wagon (really)!

There was free hot cocoa and cookies in the barn! Fake horses to climb on!

Lewie really wanted this "LADY HAT" he found in the gift shop!

Happy little story, eh? When we went to pick up our tree (they provided numbered tags) to take it to our car, it was G*O*N*E!
And the wagon ride, choosing a tree, chopping it down and hauling it had to be repeated. Not so giddy this time!