Thursday, February 22, 2007

Water Park Fun

We're off for February recess this week and went to the Great Wolf Lodge (hotel and indoor water park) in Niagara Falls, Ontario for a few days.
At first they were just big ole chickens - content to go down the little kiddie slides.
They became a bit more brave and tried the bigger kiddie slides. Then I had to bribe them with cash! $1 for each new slide they went on - the good little capitalists got some spending money for the arcade!
Then onto big kid slides - Lewis was by far the most adventurous. He went down the *really* big slides in a double tube with me. He was so bummed that he couldn't go down the Vortex, which Lewis refers to as "the toilet flush." When he's 6 inches taller, he's there!
Elizabeth was the biggest party-pooper. She prefers her feet firmly on solid ground.
We had a GREAT time!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Chickadees and Sledding

If you're very quiet, the chickadees will land on your hand and grab a seed (we found out they especially love peanuts, which another bird watcher gave to the children).
The girls were patient enough to get the birds to land on their gloves. Lewis just kept yelling "come here little woodpecker" and chasing them to offer a peanut!!
After an hour of feeding the chickadees, we went to another park to try some sledding. For the first time, the kids wanted to really sled down big hills - they were always too chicken to do it before! They LOVED it and stayed for a long time, even though it was SO cold. We had such a fun day.
Seeing little Analise flying down the hill on a sled was a riot! They slept well that night!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

A great read

Memoir is probably my favorite genre to read. Jesus land is a powerful book about race, adoption, love, and religious fanaticism. I gave it a 5/5 on my book log!