Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's 72 degrees and like the groundhog, I have emerged from my burow!
Let's hope you don't find me on the side of the thruway taking a nap, like the fate of so any of our groundhog friends.

Come fly with me, back in time to March 11, 2011
My mature little man turned 9!

One day later, the El-ster did the same!

This is the only picture I am able to take of Frances these days. At concerts, she shrinks down in her seat to avoid the lens. Party-pooper. Do you see her? Yeah, me neither.

A couple of weeks ago, Larry the Builder ripped up our back yard and poured the concrete for our addition..........

Slapped up the framing.......

I had to EMPTY Elly and Lewie's room today to make way for the builders to bust down some walls.

Last week, Ana, Lewie and Elly ALL had some of their baby teeth YANKED....or "wiggled" as the dentist ladies like to say.
THEN.......Ana got her braces off!


Yeah, they're not so straight.........way better though! Sadly for her, she is going right into phase 2 of braces! She gets a month of wire-free fun. I bought her a pack of hubbabubba to celebrate.

Whew, that was exhausting! Toodles for now Loves!

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