Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dose of Vitamin D

Sure, it was 18 degrees and windy, but The Lawyer insisted that we needed to get our Vit D deprived bodies outside. We went to Highland Park, trudged through the snow and landed at our favorite sledding hill. The parks dept must have planted lilac bushes last year to keep people off the hill but did that stop us? NO!

Lewie REALLY needs to take snowboard lessons! I think he is a natural.

Ana looking quite colorful and cheerful despite the snow dripping down her neck.

Frances wiped out and took a moment to rest.......

With no warning, she was attacked by a roaming buffalo!

We lasted about 1/2 hour before everyone started to lose the feeling in their toes, so we headed home for lunch.
Since we don't have school tomorrow (MLK Day), the kids think we should do it again.............hmmmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Love the new background! Sorry about the frostbite.

The other lawyer.

Suz said...

Waah! It's cold here too. I open the door just enough so the dogs can squeeze out, and again a minute or two later so they can squeeze in again. That's IT for me - Vitamin D or no!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! So happy you are back to blogging... Love the pics! Mickey loves to look at pictures of Lewie, now. He thinks of Lewie as his cool older friend who gives him really nice cool clothes!